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Electric charging pile charging protection measures

Release time: 2019-01-08人气:

What are the characteristics of electric vehicle charging piles?

Ac power output: Support independent standard 10 AC output channels, high-power 3-4 rounds of 2 AC output channels, socket 1 AC output channels。

Credit Card payments: Support credit card payments and charges。

Balance return: When the charger is pulled out, overloaded or full during the charging process of the tram, the current charging fee will be automatically settled, and the current charging balance will be recorded on the charging pile of the electric vehicle, and it will be automatically returned to the user's charging card when the user swipes the card again。

Income inquiry: It can automatically summarize the user's credit card recharge consumption amount, and the operation manager can check the current income through the income inquiry card。

Power off memory: When unexpected power off, it can automatically save the charging time and status information of each current loop。When there is a call again, it will automatically restore to the state before the power failure and continue to charge。Protect the user's charging cost from loss。

Recharge card balance query: Swipe the card directly in the swipe area, you can query the current balance of the user's recharge card, the balance query does not deduct the swipe fee。

Working status indicator: Support digital tube display and buzzer prompt, convenient for users to display the working status of each output of the power sale terminal。

Describes the protective measures for charging piles。As a social infrastructure to ensure the promotion policy of new energy vehicles, charging piles have also received widespread attention。At the beginning of the construction of new energy-related facilities, many charging piles and electric vehicles failed and even accidents occurred, which made people full of questions and concerns about new energy rail transit。Charging pile and other infrastructure needs to use actual cases to prove the reliability of its construction。

Outdoor moisture and lightning protection measures of charging pile: The standard protection level of outdoor installation of charging pile is IP54, the outer skin is designed to prevent dust, moisture, rust and corrosion, the edge level is high, and the input and output pair is 10m。Charging piles need formal installation methods, normal use, start protective measures to avoid leakage and fire。

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