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The electric vehicle charging pile installed should be well maintained

Release time: 2019-01-08人气:

Charging pile is currently an emerging industry, but the development prospects are very broad, because now more and more people begin to use electric vehicles, electric vehicles than cars more energy saving, environmental protection, easy to drive, more moderate。In the near future, the automotive industry will become an electric age。In the near future, the car charging pile will be as wide as the car gas station, because it is not convenient to charge in the community, many people will pull the cable from the indoor, which is not the case。Such charges are strictly prohibited in the community。So the future car charging pile will certainly be used in large numbers。

Chongqing Haopu Electric Co., Ltd. main: electric vehicle charging pile and new energy vehicle charging pile。It provides the sales and installation of all kinds of new energy vehicle charging piles, eps centralized control systems and commercial lighting, such as floor type, wall mounted type, upright type and mobile type。

How should car charging pile be maintained and installed?We already know about car charging stations。Simply to charge the car, equivalent to our charger。Mainly, we use new energy charging piles, and the corresponding calls also save our waste of resources。How should I maintain the car charging pile?

First, the car charging pile charging pay attention to protect the charger。

2. Pay attention to timely charging when charging the car charging pile。

3.The ambient temperature selected for charging the car charging pile is 25。

Four elements, car charging pile charging should pay attention to regular deep discharge。

Five elements, car charging pile charging should pay attention to make full use of maintenance conditions, many battery car dealers can provide battery maintenance services, should make full use of these services。

Six, the charging of the car charging pile should be charged every day。

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