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Charging car charging pile how to charge electricity?

Release time: 2022-06-21人气:

With the gradual establishment of relevant laws and regulations on the construction and operation of automobile charging piles, local governments have followed up the construction of operation and management standards for automobile charging piles。Among them, the charging method of the car charging pile is also constantly adjusted。

1.Ac /DC charging pile operators for electric vehicles directly declare to the power grid the installation of centralized charging and replacing facilities for access to electricity, and implement large-scale industrial electricity。Before 2020, the basic electricity fee of car charging pile will be exempted。

2.The electricity price of the car charging pile should be classified according to its location。Among them, the car charging pile set in the residents' home, the residential community and the implementation of residential electricity price for non-resident users, the implementation of residential electricity combined user electricity price;The electricity consumption of car charging piles set up by Party and government organs, enterprises and public parking lots is "general industrial and commercial and other".。It is reported that the city's general industrial and commercial electricity consumption below 1 kV is 0.7988 yuan/KWH。

3.Car charging pile electricity implementation of peak and valley time-of-use tariff policy。Encouraging electric vehicles to use on-board charging piles for charging during power system off-peak periods will not only help improve the utilization efficiency of the power system, but also control and reduce charging costs。

Analyzing the protection of car charging piles, the construction wave of car charging piles is rising, and major provinces and cities are mandatory to build new projects to build car charging piles, making the construction of car charging piles gradually become a hard standard。However, there are still a few car charging piles in use at this stage, so there have been no serious car charging pile accidents, which makes builders pay less and less attention to the characteristics of car charging piles, which is quite wrong。In this paper, the protection of automobile charging pile will be analyzed in detail。

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