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The installation of new energy vehicle charging piles must have basic requirements

Release time: 2019-01-08人气:

As an electric vehicle charging pile (peg) on the distribution side of the power grid, its structural particularity determines that the automatic communication system has the characteristics of multiple and scattered measuring points, wide coverage and short communication distance。And with the development of cities, the network topology needs a flexible and scalable structure。Therefore, the choice of communication mode of electric vehicle charging pile (bolt) should consider the following issues: (1) reliability of communication。3354 Communication systems should withstand the test of harsh environments and strong electromagnetic interference or noise interference for a long time to keep communication smooth。(2) The project cost is 33,354。Under the premise of reliability, comprehensive consideration of construction costs and long-term maintenance costs。(3) Two-way communication 3354 can not only upload information, but also release control。(4) Multi-service data transmission rate - With the continuous growth of terminal business volume in the future, the communication between the master station and the sub-station, the sub-station and the terminal has higher and higher requirements for data transmission rate to achieve multi-service。(5) Flexibility and scalability of communication 3354 Because the charging pile (bolt) has the characteristics of more control points, wide area and dispersion, a standard communication protocol is required。

With the increasing number of electric charging piles, more and more problems have begun to appear in the process of use and popularization。How to strengthen the management of electric vehicle charging piles and ensure the normal charging of electric vehicles is crucial。

But post-management is also important。Electric vehicle charging piles are bound to fail。If it is an electric vehicle charging pile in the community, the property management personnel need to seek the help of the original builder or a third party。If it is a public parking lot, most electric vehicle owners do not know who to find after the failure of electric vehicle charging pile, it is difficult to guarantee。This fault will stay for a long time and affect the later use of electric vehicle charging piles。Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the late supervision of charging piles!

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